15 Amazing Low-Carb Salads with Avocado

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Here are 15 Amazing Low-Carb Salads with Avocado and don’t
you think a salad with avocado is always tasty for a low-carb
meal? Use Salad
to find more low-carb salads like these.

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15 Amazing Low-Carb Salads with Avocado found on KalynsKitchen.com

It’s Cinco de Mayo weekend, so why am I sharing 15 Amazing
Low-Carb Salads with Avocado? It’s because avocados always
go on sale for Cinco de Mayo, and I love a perfect ripe avocado no
matter how you use it.

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I was pretty picky about what got included in this collection,
because avocados do have some carbs, so I didn’t feature any
recipes that had other higher-carb ingredients (like most of the
salads that included avocado + tomatoes).  But I did end up 15
salads that all sound like a wow to me; hope you enjoy!

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15 Amazing Low-Carb Salads with Avocado
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