Catalog Paint Colors with Photos


When it comes time to touch up walls that have been marked or scratched, trying to find the correct paint can on the storage shelf is a huge headache. Even if you do manage to find the correct color for a room, the can may so old and rusted that the paint inside is useless.

To make shopping for new cans of my existing paint colors easier, I started taking pictures of the labels and uploading them to the cloud, so I can find them later. Then I bring the photo with me to the store, and the associate can whip up a can of the same color using the ID on the label. — JD Williams

The same concept works for things such as flooring, tile, etc. Taking photos of the labels and storing them in a folder on your computer or in the cloud makes it easy to order additional or replacement pieces for your home. It’s your own wall paint colors catalog.

catalog paint colors with photos


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