China’s economic growth slowest in almost 30 years – business live

Rolling coverage of the latest business and economic news, as fresh data shows Chinese GDP grew at its weakest rate since the early 1990s 8.53am BST It’s been a pretty lacklustre start to the Friday session across European markets: As the pound holds its breath ahead of ‘super Saturday’, the markets dealt with another disastrous – well, relative to the country’s usual performance – figure out of China. Coming in at a worse than forecast 6.0%, China’s third quarter GDP reading saw growth at its lowest for nearly 3 decades… The country is clearly continuing to feel the trade war squeeze, putting all the more pressure on the so-far insubstantial – and uncertain, given the dispute over Hong Kong – …

Fiji PM Bainimarama won’t face assault charges over carpark tussle with MP

Frank Bainimarama’s heated argument with opposition MP Pio Tikoduadua was captured on video No assault charges will be laid against the prime minister of Fiji in relation to an incident with an opposition MP outside parliament, despite there being “sufficient evidence for the matter to proceed to court,” the country’s department of public prosecutions has ruled. Frank Bainimarama was accused of assault by Pio Tikoduadua, an opposition MP for the National Federation Party, who alleges the prime minister grabbed and shoved him outside Fiji’s parliament in Suva, causing his glasses to fall to the ground and break. Continue reading… Read more:

The Buffs see Lukla for first time!

Namaste friends, family and loved ones, We said goodbye to Namche Bazaar at the new and beautiful town fountain. Through the entrance gate and onto trail. Our descent was a mashup of suspension bridges and delightful water falls. Great weather prevailed for our last day. Our grand entrance of the new Lukla Gate. With ravenous appetites, hot showers, pizza and beer we enjoy the village. We look forward to the next chapter of our adventure with a morning flight to the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu. All our best, Carole and Vern Tejas The post The Buffs see Lukla for first time! appeared first on Alpine Ascents International. Read more:

Jonah Hill No Longer in Talks to Star in ‘The Batman’

Jonah Hill has moved on from starring in The Batman. After it was reported last month that the 35-year-old actor was in talks to star as a villain in the upcoming Matt Reeves-directed movie, Jonah has decided not to take on the role, Variety reports. It was also being reported that Jonah‘s role was originally in the very early stages of negotiations, and that the deal was far from closing. The news comes just a few days after it was announced that Zoe Kravitz will be taking on the role of Selina Kyle aka Catwoman in the upcoming movie that stars Robert Pattinson as Batman. Read more:

Lady Gaga Has a Question for Gaming Superstar Ninja: ‘Who Are You?’

Is Lady Gaga teasing something related to gaming? The 33-year-old Artpop superstar posed a question to 28-year-old Tyler “Ninja” Blevins on Wednesday on her Twitter account: “Who are you?” PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of Lady Gaga One day before (October 15), Gaga tweeted “What’s fortnight” amid headlines of the massively popular game Fortnite‘s recent black hole event leading to an announcement. Among the celebrities that reacted to her tweet was Ninja, who provided a clever response: “Call me on the Telephone. I’ll give you a Million Reasons to play. You and I.” Is Gaga doing something with Ninja and/or Fortnite, or is she simply trolling the gaming community? READ MORE: Lady Gaga Can’t Stop Playing This Video Game …

A full price breakdown for ESPN’s streaming service, ESPN+ — here’s everything you need to know

Alyssa Powell/Business Insider ESPN+ is a subscription-based streaming service that can be accessed on a ton of devices including smart TVs and tablets and even cast on TVs via Roku, Chromecast,  and more. It costs $5 monthly or $50 annually and offers exclusive streaming content and articles with analysis from industry experts. If you add on Hulu and Disney+, it’ll go up to $13 per month. Here’s a full breakdown of how much it costs.  In 2018, cable sports channel ESPN launched ESPN+, a new subscription-based streaming service. It’s a hybrid service that combines on-demand sports video content with its ever-expanding catalog of original shows and documentaries and news from ESPN Insider, the network’s paid news content.See the rest of …

Fare Alert: Deals Around Europe From Several U.S. Cities From $272 Roundtrip

Yesterday Notiflyr posted deals on Star Alliance member SAS from the US to Scandinavia starting at $318. These were are available January through mid-May and are not basic economy, so a checked bag and assigned seat is included. Now Notiflyr has come out with something much bigger: SAS fares from around the U.S. to destinations across Europe starting at $307. This is the best sale in some time considering how broadly based it is. For instance trips from the West Coast (LAX) to several German cities start at $330 roundtrip, and it looks like SkyTeam and oneworld are now matching and I’m seeing prices as low as $272. Continue reading Fare Alert: Deals Around Europe From Several U.S. Cities From …

Wow Air’s CEO Pledged His Home as Collateral. Now It’s For Sale.

WOW Air CEO Skúli Mogensen pledged his home as $3 million of the collateral he used to obtain funds for fresh equity in the airline last year. Wow Air ceased operations in March, though a West Virginia heiress-turned-arms dealer bought the brand out of bankruptcy and has announced an unlikely scheme to fly again. Now the home at Seltjarnarnes point, near Reykjavík, is for sale. The home is 6780 square feet over 3 stories and is listed at $2 million, so creditors are expected to take a significant loss. Continue reading Wow Air’s CEO Pledged His Home as Collateral. Now It’s For Sale.… Read more:

Castlevania’s Harder Arcade Version Is Coming To Nintendo Switch Tomorrow

VS. Castlevania. Hamster has revealed that the next Arcade Archives release to launch on Switch is none other than VS. Castlevania. You’ll be able to get your hands on it starting from tomorrow, 17th October. The game was originally released as an arcade title back in 1986 and is very similar to the NES game which launched the year after. Retro Gamer notes that the most notable difference between the two is its difficulty – this VS. variant is considerably harder with some enemies dealing double the damage they do on Nintendo’s platform – although other differences can also be found in areas such as the game’s colour palette. Read the full article on Read more:

Coinbase CEO calls Libra scrutiny ‘un-American’

Elected officials are worried about Facebook’s proposed Libra cryptocurrency, and Brian Armstrong thinks that’s downright un-American.  The Coinbase CEO expressed his frustration with senators Brian Schatz and Sherrod Brown on Sunday, writing that letters of caution penned by the two and sent to Stripe, Visa, and Mastercard went a step too far. Specifically, the senators warned the companies — at that point Libra backers — that Facebook had failed to satisfactorily demonstrate how it will prevent the cryptocurrency from being used to, among other things, facilitate terrorist financing.   “You should be concerned,” read the letters in part, “that any weaknesses in Facebook’s risk management systems will become weaknesses in your systems that you may not be able to effectively …

Electric Harley-Davidson motorcycle production has been paused

Well, that fizzled out rather suddenly. Harley-Davidson’s first ever all-electric motorcycles were supposed to start shipping in August, but only made it to a few dealers earlier this month. Now, production is suspended indefinitely as of Monday, according to the Wall Street Journal. Deliveries also were paused, all because of a charging equipment issue. The WSJ said the motorcycle company was testing charging and advised customers and dealers to use only professional chargers at dealerships, avoiding home outlets to add juice to their battery-powered vehicles. SEE ALSO: Harley-Davidson just made its first electric motorcycle available for pre-order Read more… More about Electric Vehicles, Harley Davidson, Livewire, Tech, and Transportation Read more:

370,000 people are watching Fortnite do nothing on Twitch

Fortnite is offline right now, as Epic build anticipation for whatever’s coming to that battle royale next. Leaks have provided good reason to believe it’ll be called Fortnite Chapter 2, but regardless of what form the game takes as it comes back, the event has been tremendously successful. It’s set massive records on Twitch, and a substantial chunk of those viewers are sticking around even as the game remains unplayable. As of this story, 373,000 viewers are tuning into Fortnite on Twitch. Most weeks, that would make it the number one game on the platform, but right now it’s in second place against League of Legends and its ongoing World Championship competition. A further 473,000 people are watching Fortnite on …

‘I Slept on My Teen Daughter’s Bedroom Floor Last Night. It’s All I Could Do. This Is How It Is With Big Kids. We’re Waiting and Ready to Be There.’

This is how it is with big kids: the older our children get, the more the things they need comforting from are not things we can do much about. When they don’t have friends, we can’t set up playdates for them. When they don’t understand their homework, we usually don’t understand it enough to help them, either. When someone breaks their heart, we can’t (and shouldn’t) go try to talk them into loving our baby again. The post ‘I Slept on My Teen Daughter’s Bedroom Floor Last Night. It’s All I Could Do. This Is How It Is With Big Kids. We’re Waiting and Ready to Be There.’ appeared first on Faithit. Read more:

Pity the fools: how A-list cameos killed off The A-Team

The 80s classic arrived fully formed, but when its characters got hauled up in front of a court martial it ran out of steam What is the best way to nutshell feelgood 1980s shoot-em-up The A-Team? Imagine a gang of fashion-forward dudes cruising around the US in a snazzy black van giving a leg up to those ill-equipped to help themselves. It was a paramilitary Queer Eye, basically, and a buzzy global hit from its 1983 debut onwards. Everyone loved the gung-ho panto of bloodless action and goofy catchphrases, a place where no Jeep remained unflipped and no fool would ever find themselves unpitied. The A-Team was a primetime cartoon that just happened to be rendered in live action, featuring …

Cancelled for sadfishing: the top 10 words of 2019

From people becoming a proper noun to woke’s use as an insult, we pick our key words of the year The year 2019 might still have some surprises in store for us – Donald Trump is yet to ask the Queen if she has any dirt on Joe Biden – but we know the general shape of it: global chaos, lies and Love Island. We also know many of its words. We are approaching the moment when the great dictionaries pick those that sum up our times, following on from last year’s “toxic” (Oxford English Dictionary), “justice” (Merriam Webster) “single use” (Collins) and “me too” (Macquarie). The words might not have been coined in 2019, but will have acquired new …

Starwatch: Aquarius is one of the oldest named constellations

How to find the faint stars of the water bearer, identified by the Babylonians with their water god Ea Aquarius, the water bearer, is one of the northern hemisphere’s autumnal constellations. It is a faint grouping of stars, found between Capricornus and Pisces, and must be viewed from a dark site. The chart shows the view looking south-south-west at midnight BST on 14 October. Fomalhaut (in Piscis Austrinus) is the brightest star in this section of the sky. Find it low down on the horizon and then, looking above it, begin to trace out the body of Aquarius, hopping from one faint star to the other. The constellation is one of the oldest to be identified. It appeared as GU.LA, …