Closing soon: inspection issues not fixed

Im closing in a few days. Due to some issues with the due diligence (sellers issues), we didn't do an immediate inspection after repairs were completed. Therefore will be doing a final walkthrough/combo inspection.

Ive serious doubts one of the issues was fixed completely. They used a handyman which for 90% of the rest was fine. The issue is with the HVAC being a control or electrical issue (we left it up to them to solve). Based on how my inspector and I identified it, I've reason to believe they just ran the HVAC and said no issues. It takes some time (which during an inspection you have) for it to show up.

What are my options if we can show this wasn't fixed? Ideally I don't want it to hold up closing; but as they dont want to pay anything to fix anything, so if I force them to use an HVAC tech (probably what it needs) I have a feeling I might have to.

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