‘Five years to do 10 chuffing houses!’ – meet the guerrilla gardeners of Granby

Why is there a full-size tree inside this once-abandoned
Liverpool terrace? Step inside Granby Winter Garden, the latest
transformation from Turner prize winning architects Assemble

From the outside, they look like any other houses in the street,
with their big bay windows framed by chunky liver-coloured
sandstone, and bright-blue front doors in brick-arched openings.
But there’s something strange going on. You can see the sky
through the first-floor windows, and exotic leaves are pressing up
against the panes. Step inside and, rather than a standard two-up
two-down, you’re confronted with a lush scene of ferns, lilies
and full-sized beech trees, while fronds of star jasmine wind up
the stair banisters towards a greenhouse roof.
This is the Granby Winter Garden, the latest phase of architecture
collective Assemble’s work in Liverpool. This innocuous street of
terraced houses was
catapulted to


acclaim by the 2015 Turner prize
. Assemble, a young practice,
won the hallowed gong after a group of plucky residents took
control of their street, having endured decades of “managed
decline” that had seen the neighbourhood abandoned by the council
and left to rot.

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