Google takes another run at social networking with Shoelace

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Google’s in-house incubator, Area 120, is working on a new
social networking app called Shoelace which is aimed at organizing
local events and activities. You use it by listing your interests
in the app, allowing it to recommend a series of “hand-picked”
local activities which it calls “Loops.” You can also organize
your own events, and there’s a map interface to view and RSVP to
other people’s Loops.

Shoelace’s soft-launch comes just months after Google
shut down Google+
, its most prominent attempt at building a
social media platform. However, rather than trying to create a new
all-encompassing social network to rival the likes of Facebook,
Shoelace seems to have much more modest ambitions that take aim at
Facebook’s ubiquitous Events…

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