High Caliber Challenge Awaiting Boston College Students

College students from the Boston area are invited to join the Dodge High Caliber Challenge. Of course, this type of competition is open for college students who are attending a university of college located in Boston. Also, it is important to note that people who are interested in joining should be interested in taking long drives and in taking road trips.

Tom Loveless who is a member of the Dodges marketing and global communications department states, The Dodge High Caliber Challenge gives college students a chance to experience and win the boldest new compact car on the market today, while raising awareness and money for the Global Music Project. Equipped with a Chill Zone beverage storage bin, Music Gate Power liftgate speakers, available MP3 jack, and a self-charging removable flashlight, the all-new Dodge Caliber has all the essentials for a road trip.

To join, interested college students should first submit an essay. They would be dwelling on the reasons they have why they want to take this road trip. They would also have to discuss how they will be using the all-new Dodge Caliber to raise awareness for the Global Music Project during the road trip which will be done in a duration of five days. Of course, these students must be full-time college students. They should be 18 years old to 25 years old only and should be completely enrolled in an accredited college or university during the 2006 spring semester. More information about this could be accessed through the Internet at www.DodgeHighCaliberChallenge.com.


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