I need these corrections for tomorrow, I’ll be very happy if anyone can help me.

I don't like _____ in my coffe.

A. much sugars

B. many sugar

C. few sugars

D. lots of

E. much sugar

I marked E.

Adventurs found _____ in California in the 19th century.

A. lots of golds

B. many gold

C. a great deal of gold

D. few golds

E. a few gold

I marked B.

Students who work all day don't have _____ to study.

A. many times

B. a few times

C. little time

D. much time

E. few times

I marked D.

There is _____ bread on the tray.

A. not many

B. not much

C. a few

D. a large number of

E. many

I marked C.

There are _____ dangerous drivers.

A. a lot of

B. a very many

C. a very many of

D. very many of

E. very much of

I marked A.

_____ were swimming in the pool.

A. a lot of boys and girl

B. many boy and girls

C. a few boys and girl

D. much boy and girl

E. lots of boys and girls

I marked E.

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