I need these corrections for tomorrow, I’ll be very happy if anyone can help me.

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I don't like _____ in my coffe.

A. much sugars

B. many sugar

C. few sugars


The pro version of software unlocks many features and additional customisation options

D. lots of

E. much sugar

I marked E.

Adventurs found _____ in California in the 19th century.

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A. lots of golds

B. many gold

C. a great deal of gold

D. few golds

E. a few gold

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I marked B.

Students who work all day don't have _____ to study.

A. many times

B. a few times

C. little time

D. much time

E. few times

I marked D.

There is _____ bread on the tray.

A. not many

B. not much

C. a few

D. a large number of

E. many

I marked C.

There are _____ dangerous drivers.

A. a lot of

B. a very many

C. a very many of

D. very many of

E. very much of

I marked A.

_____ were swimming in the pool.

A. a lot of boys and girl

B. many boy and girls

C. a few boys and girl

D. much boy and girl

E. lots of boys and girls

I marked E.

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