Just one more thing: plotting the similarities between Columbo and Hitman

I was wondering if you could help me with something. You see, there’s this problem I’ve been having. This thing that’s been bothering me, and I feel like if I just write it down it might help me figure it out. Do you have a pen? Oh great, that’s wonderful, thank you very much.

Why, when I watch Columbo, can I not stop thinking about Hitman?

Columbo is an American TV show enjoyed peak popularity in the 70s. It follows the bedraggled Lt. Columbo, a man who is seemingly forgetful, out of sorts and not altogether capable of solving anything, as a detective investigating various murders of the week. Columbo is the very definition of a formulaic TV show; each episode you watch will follow the same standard structure and will stand alone as its own story. You will see a murder unfold, yourself a witness to the characters involved and their motivations for the terrible act they commit. At which point Lt. Columbo, a true blue collar detective, enters to investigate. From there the question isn’t ‘Who did it?’, it’s ‘How will Columbo catch them?’.

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