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Murió Russi Taylor, actriz que dio voz a Minnie Mouse desde 1986

Fotos: Cortesía.   Russi Taylor, la actriz que dio voz al personaje de Minnie Mouse para Disney, falleció el viernes en su casa en el sur de California (EE.UU.) a los 75 años, informa el portal TMZ. Así lo reseñó el portal web RT. Taylor interpretó el icónico personaje de dibujos animados de manera consistente durante más de tres décadas desde el año 1986. “Minnie Mouse perdió la voz con la muerte de Russi Taylor”, sostuvo el director ejecutivo de Disney, Bob Iger, al conocer la triste noticia. Minnie Mouse Voice Actor Russi Taylor Dead at 75 — TMZ (@TMZ) July 27, 2019 The post Murió Russi Taylor, actriz que dio voz a Minnie Mouse desde 1986 appeared first …

Boris Johnson must know that a no-deal Brexit is just plain crazy | William Keegan

We have seen external shocks and misguided policies push Britain into crisis before. But never willed self-harm like this ‘While we were strongly opposed to the Trotskyist revolution that has taken place in this country, now that it has occurred the important thing is that it should be made to work properly.” It was on something like those lines that a few of us wrote a parody of a Financial Times leading article many years ago on a very slow news day, when I was working for the FT. Perhaps he really is deluded and believes that a period of ‘optimism’ can work miracles Continue reading… Read more:

Teachers ‘forced special needs child to make a list of his faults’

Parents’ distress as drawing of son’s traits pinned up in classroom A 10-year-old boy with special needs who complained of bullying was forced by staff to listen to classmates listing the reasons they didn’t like him – and had to write these on a hand-drawn poster that was then stuck on his classroom wall. In a case that campaigners say highlights the need for specialist teaching resources, Damian Lightoller’s son, who has traits of autism, ADHD and oppositional defiant disorder and is on the special education needs register, was told by his peers he needed to “stop shouting”, “stop annoying us” and “be happy, not sad” if he wanted to have better relationships with them. Continue reading… Read more:

40,000 children trapped in ‘zombie’ academy schools

Education ministers urged to investigate after failed trusts leave pupils in limbo The government has been urged to review its policy on multi-academy trusts after it was revealed that more than 40,000 children were being educated in “zombie schools” waiting to be transferred to another academy chain. Department for Education figures, obtained through a freedom of information request, show 64 academy schools are waiting to find a new sponsor after being abandoned by, or stripped from, the trust originally managing them. A calculation using the average number of pupils in state-funded primary and secondary schools in England – 279 and 946, respectively –suggests the 64 schools would contain more than 40,000 students. Continue reading… Read more:

How can we keep our car cool without aircon?

We’ve been suffering this week as our only cure is a sprayer to mist each other with water Every week a Guardian Money reader submits a question, and it’s up to you to help him or her out – a selection of the best answers will appear in next Saturday’s paper. Our elderly estate car doesn’t have air conditioning and we’ve been suffering this week. We already have an in-car garden sprayer to mist water over each other but I need more proven tips to keep cool on the move. Do those window shades work? I really don’t want to have to trade the car in. Continue reading… Read more:

Ice-cream sales soar as Britons continue their love affair with cool

Vegan, low-calorie and wild colours help sales but traditional favourites still rule Upmarket gelato and indulgent new vegan flavours are among this summer’s hottest ice-cream trends as consumers seek out more artisanal and healthier versions – but don’t worry; there’s still plenty of room in the freezer for childhood favourites like Fab lollies. Last week’s high temperatures boosted ice-cream sales in the UK, but they were up 3% over the past year anyway as Britons increasingly eat ice-cream throughout the winter as well as in summer. The arrival of major new low-calorie brands such as Halo Top as well as a growing number of niche brands such as Sambazon – which claimed a first with its scoopable açaí berry puree …

Just one more thing: plotting the similarities between Columbo and Hitman

I was wondering if you could help me with something. You see, there’s this problem I’ve been having. This thing that’s been bothering me, and I feel like if I just write it down it might help me figure it out. Do you have a pen? Oh great, that’s wonderful, thank you very much. Why, when I watch Columbo, can I not stop thinking about Hitman? Columbo is an American TV show enjoyed peak popularity in the 70s. It follows the bedraggled Lt. Columbo, a man who is seemingly forgetful, out of sorts and not altogether capable of solving anything, as a detective investigating various murders of the week. Columbo is the very definition of a formulaic TV show; each …

Real Madrid 3-7 Atletico Madrid: Diego Costa scores four and is sent off in big derby win – BBC Sport

Real Madrid 3-7 Atletico Madrid: Diego Costa scores four and is sent off in big derby win  BBC SportDiego Costa scores four and is sent off as Atlético thrash Real Madrid in friendly  The GuardianReal Madrid humiliated by rivals Atletico in 7-3 thrashing as Diego Costa scores four goal and gets sent off  The IndependentKevin Kilbane admits he would love Diego Costa at Everton  TBR – The Boot Room – Football NewsDiego Costa scores four & is sent off as Atletico thrash Real Madrid full coverage on Google News Read more:

UK carriers will sell the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G

In a press release posted by Huawei today, the phone maker confirms three mobile operators in the United Kingdom will carry one of Huawei’s first 5G smartphones – the Huawei Mate 20 X 5G. Three, Sky Mobile, and Carphone Warehouse have all confirmed that they will be selling the Mate 20 X 5G “in the coming weeks”. Despite the United States’ ban on Huawei equipment, UK operators are still set on supporting Huawei devices. Seeing as Huawei already has a strong presence in this market, it is no surprise that the UK welcomes 5G devices from Huawei. In fact, all UK 5G operators depend on… Read more:

Gears 5’s multiplayer tech test is open to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers from tomorrow

Developer The Coalition’s Gears 5 multiplayer tech test returns this weekend on Xbox One and PC – and, this time, it’s open to all Xbox Live Gold subscribers. The Gears 5 Versus Tech Test, to give it its official name, started last weekend, but access was limited to Xbox Game Pass members and those that had pre-ordered the game. From tomorrow, 26th July, however, at 6pm in the UK/10am PDT, anyone with an Xbox Live Gold subscription can also fire up the test client and get stuck into Gears 5’s new Bootcamp training mode and its “over-the-top” Arcade mode, which is detailed in the video below. The Tech Test also includes access to King of the Hill mode, an updated …

Your Kids Will Likely Have No Idea How to Choose Their Own Christian Church as Adults…and That’s a Problem

I grew up mostly in non-denominational churches, with a Baptist church or two thrown in. For all intents and purposes, my understanding of the world was that there were two types of churches: Christian and non-Christian. Easy peasy. If you gave me a label maker, I could have visited every church in town and promptly placed “Christian” or “non-Christian” on each one based on my simplistic understanding. The church has the word Bible in it? Christian. The church has the word Christian in it? Of course Christian. The church has the name of one of the major denominations in it? Christian. The church has the name of one of the cults from my mom’s giant Kingdom of the Cults book? …

The Most Dangerous Belief a Christian Mom Can Have (Happy Mother’s Day!)

I was at the store the other day looking for Mother’s Day cards and laughed out loud at how the entire section is always pink and flowery. I knew I was going to write a post with this title and imagined how it would look on a darker, more ominous Hallmark cover: Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. But please make sure you don’t hold the most dangerous belief a Christian mom can have… It doesn’t quite have the same appeal as the others, does it? I know. Mother’s Day is supposed to be a time when we celebrate moms, not warn them about dangerous beliefs. But if you’re a mom, it’s a great time to let others celebrate you while you …

Michael Flynn Attorney Sidney Powell: It was Just Appalling from Every Perspective on Every Level. It was an Embarrassment for Mr. Mueller (VIDEO)

Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified before Congress today on the Trump-Russia Collusion witch hunt. He could not have looked more confused and out of his league if he tried. It was a slow motion trainwreck. Mueller looked like a confused, stuttering, mumbling, lost, doddering and nervous old man. He frequently paged through his notes. It was so bad even Michael Moore admitted that Mueller was a complete disaster. Michael Flynn attorney Sidney Powell spoke with Lou Dobbs tonight after the catastrophic hearings. Sidney Powell: It was just appalling from every perspective on every level. It was an embarrassment for Mr. Mueller to allow his credibility and integrity to be put behind this investigation build on a fraud. This was an excellent …

2020 Democrats renew calls for impeachment after Mueller testimony

Warren urged House to rise ‘above politics’ and launch proceedings against Trump while Biden said president ‘should be tried’ Democratic 2020 presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren urged the House of Representatives to rise “above politics” and launch impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump after the former special counsel Robert Mueller testified that his report on Russian election interference did not exonerate the president. The candidates, speaking on Wednesday at the annual convention of the NAACP, the nation’s largest and oldest civil rights organization, said Mueller’s testimony highlighted the urgency for brining articles of impeachment against a president whose bigotry while in office has harmed communities of color. Continue reading… Read more:

Joe diGenova: Inspector General Horowitz and US Attorney John Durham Have Both Already interviewed Joseph Mifsud (VIDEO)

Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified before Congress today on the Trump-Russia Collusion witch hunt. He could not have looked more confused and out of his league if he tried. It was a slow motion trainwreck. Mueller looked like a confused, stuttering, mumbling, lost, doddering and nervous old man. He frequently paged through his notes. On Wednesday evening former United States Attorney for the District of Columbia Joe diGenova and his wife attorney Victoria Teonsing joined Lou Dobbs to discuss today’s developments. Before the segment ended Joe diGenova told Lou Dobbs that both U.S. Attorney John Durham, who is investigating the launch of the Trump-Russia collusion narrative and Inspector General Michael Horowitz have both already interviewed Joseph Mifsud, the Western Intelligence operative …