Pushing the boater out: London’s property crisis spreads to the water

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Once an appealing housing alternative, narrowboat living has boomed, leading to overcrowding, skyrocketing costs and war with land-based locals

Marcus Trower has seen a lot of changes to London’s canals over the eight years he has lived on his boat. Where once, even in the heart of the city, there was usually a grassy bank he could moor next to, there are now just smooth concrete slabs. Residential moorings have been taken over by businesses running bar barges and restaurant boats, and tall glass buildings have sprung up on the waterside, overshadowing the water. “No mooring here,” the signs say.

But for Trower, it is the level of abuse he receives in central London that makes him feel most unwelcome. “It ranges from being called a pikey to having stones thrown at my boat.”

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