Sabrina Claudio Makes An Impromptu Drop With “On My Shoulders”

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Sabrina Claudio has been making an effective comeback and now after delivering on her “Holding the Gun” single, the Miami-bred siren has returned to surprise the fans tuning in to her latest “On My Shoulders” track.

The track is a narrative that finds Claudio battling two additional versions of herself that attempt to sway between leaving and staying in a current relationship. 

“This was a passion project for me as I relate to this on a whoooole ‘nother level,” Sabrina penned in an Instagram post. “Conceptually about fighting our own demons, no matter how tempting & convincing they can be, in order to believe that we are worthy of love. in other words, I got mad trust issues.”

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I’ve gone insaneBut deep in my brain, I’ll never get myself toBelieve in youIf only I could slice my skinTry to align my fingerprintsI’d know exactly what it is you feel

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