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Look! Up in the sky! It’s a UFO! It’s an aurora! No, it’s STEVE! A strange visitor to our planet with unique properties surpassing mere aurorae. STEVE! Whose picket fence aspect can be seen from the equator, and its purple stripe which is far more mysterious than expected by scientists and Sabrina Imbler! Also in the vein of folklore, science, and the fortean way, Greg Taylor shares one of Ben Graham’s adventures in From Cerne To CERN: A Pilgrim’s Tale where a merry band of Discordians created their own tarot deck, considered the logistics of giving a metaphysical handjob to a chalk giant, try their hand at being a tailor, culminating with a singular sacrifice to our lord and murderer: Shiva. But if you want The Hole Story, then Klas Häger is the weirdo in your corner. Black holes, as they want you to believe, don’t exist! (record scratch) Whaaa??? Herr Häger illustrates some conflicting cosmological data points, based on observation by the self-same proponents of black holes, while proposing a different model for the phenomenon we know as “black holes”. Whoa. (CS)

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