The problem with co-opting ‘queer’

During Pride Month, a 40-year-old cisgender heterosexual guy friend, who’s dating on OK Cupid, sent me a Gchat asking me to decode what it means to identify, as a prospective online match of his did, as “a straight, queer, sapiosexual, gender nonconforming, nonbinary, person who uses they/them pronouns.” As Gen Xers, this profilee’s earnest, messy mouthful made us laugh. “What?!” we guffawed like old people who don’t get it. The person of interest is 26 years old, a young millennial whose sensibilities probably align better with those in the Generation Z demographic, (those born after 1997), 35% of whom (according to Pew) know someone who uses gender neutral pronouns. Read more: