The £45,000 deposit for our first home was stolen and the banks did nothing

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Imagine the horror of losing all to fraudsters who hacked emails and diverted the cash to a bogus account

Back in March, everything was looking good for Nikhil Dudeja. He and his wife Richa were about to buy their first dream home with the £45,500 deposit they had saved up with significant help from their parents, and the purchase was progressing well. While they were away on holiday Nikhil received an email from their solicitor asking for their deposit money to be paid. He went into his Lloyds banking app and transferred the sum over in two payments.

Five months on and their dream of home ownership lies in tatters. Fraudsters had hacked into the estate agent’s email system, and had seen enough to be able to create a fake email from his lawyer, telling him where to send the £45,000.

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