The Guardian view on MPs and no-deal Brexit: mobilise the majority | Editorial

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Boris Johnson’s government is hastening towards a no-deal Brexit. All MPs who oppose this catastrophic national danger must cooperate in the cause of preventing it

Britain’s exit from the European Union without a withdrawal deal would be an unequivocal national calamity. It must be stopped by parliament as soon and as decisively as possible. It is the duty of all MPs who oppose no deal to work together over the coming weeks, making necessary compromises, to ensure this outcome.

The former chancellor Philip Hammond set out the case against no deal in a steely intervention this week. No deal would damage the British economy, he said, in both the short and long term. No deal makes the breakup of the United Kingdom more likely. No deal would threaten the Irish peace process. No deal weakens Britain’s security and standing. No deal was not offered by the leave campaign and there is no mandate for it. A sovereign parliament has the right and duty to stop it.

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