The high life: a light-filled top-floor apartment in Porto

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Homewares designer Christian Haas has set his imagination free on the top floor of his Porto townhouse

Christian Haas lives in a tall, thin 19th-century townhouse on a side street in Porto, where each floor has a different mood and function. His home is on the top two floors, above a ground-floor restaurant and his work studio on the first floor. Here, there are computers, tables are spread with drawings and shelves lined with miniature models of his furniture designs. They include a bench made in tiny slivers of balsa wood and neat, origami-like chairs fashioned from paper. “Even at an early stage, this is a useful way to immediately see whether a shape works,” he explains.

Upstairs, there are some finished, full-sized versions of his designs dotted around his home – but not in an obvious, showroomy way. “After thinking about shapes and materials all day, I prefer to keep things quite simple up here,” he explains.

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