The Most Dangerous Belief a Christian Mom Can Have (Happy Mother’s Day!)

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The Most Dangerous Belief a Christian Mom Can Have (Happy Mother’s Day!)

I was at the store the other day looking for Mother’s Day cards and laughed out loud at how the entire section is always pink and flowery. I knew I was going to write a post with this title and imagined how it would look on a darker, more ominous Hallmark cover:

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom. But please make sure you don’t hold the most dangerous belief a Christian mom can have…

It doesn’t quite have the same appeal as the others, does it?

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I know. Mother’s Day is supposed to be a time when we celebrate moms, not warn them about dangerous beliefs. But if you’re a mom, it’s a great time to let others celebrate you while you take stock of where you are as a parent and where you should be.

Consider this post a heart-to-heart from a mom who is spending Mother’s Day taking stock. continue reading

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