The Top 10 Roadblocks To Attracting Prosperity And What We Can Do About Them!

If it were easy, everyone would do IT; everyone would have IT.
That “IT” is prosperity and we’re all trying to achieve that stage in our lives where wealth, health, success are a daily part of our lives.
So what’s the problem?
Why aren’t some of us living a prosperous life?
Read on, my friends…
Many people don’t know what they truly want in life. They have not clarified exactly what they desire and where they want to be within a year, 5 years even 3 months. Because they don’t know where they are going they drift along with the daily grind, totally forgetting that they want to attain true prosperity.
They are some that have a goal for their life, yet they do not know how to attain it. They go through the motions daily and never actually make a conscious decision to attain their goal.
Many are desperately trying to live a life of happiness, wealth and success. They are focused on achieving true prosperity but yet constantly find themselves struggling to attain it. It is this struggle that actually prevent them from being truly prosperous.
False Evidence Appearing Real. This one 4-letter word prevents us from going forward to achieve all that we desire. What will our family think? Will our friends still like us? A very high percentage of persons fear success because of how it will affect us and our relationship with others.
As children and young adults our environment affects a great deal of our ‘conditioning’ and has a profound effect on the way we think, act and live. Our environment here could include our parents, our friends, television, politics, religion, school courses and our job. For example, the TV may constantly bombard us with images of prosperous persons as unhappy, as crooks or gangsters or as lonely or selfish. If we really believe this, who would want a lead a prosperous, successful life?
“I can’t be bothered. This is too much work. It’s too hard”. Some persons simply cannot be bothered to achieve prosperity. They live each day in a trance, in a numb existence, going along with the status-quo and have no desire to change their lives for the better.
Some people don’t want change. You may be hesitant to achieve your dreams, goals, you vision because once you do achieve true prosperity it may reduce your inventory of what is actually possible for you. It may mean that you grow beyond your partner, your friends and your family. What will that mean for you?
Our lives are stuck by the negativity we are drawn to in our daily lives. A large percentage of persons want to out do their co-workers or friends with the amount and magnitude of problems that they have. Most of us live our lives in total lack and shortage and that prevents us from achieving true prosperity.
It takes courage to be prosperous. We need to focus our thoughts towards our vision of true prosperity and hold to that vision. Once we have the courage and the beliefs, there is nothing we cannot achieve.
“It can’t happen to us. Prosperity is for other people. They were born with a silver spoon in their mouth”. We are programmed to think that being poor equals happiness. Our belief system totally affects how we live our lives. It is these beliefs that hold us back from our true potential and our true prosperity.
Okay so now were aware of what are the top 10 roadblocks to attracting greater prosperity, lets focus on what we can do about them…starting right now!
(a) The very 1st thing we have to do before we even start thinking about attracting more success, more prosperity and more of what we want is to figure out WHAT exactly do we want!
I know we all Think we know what we want, but if this is true why dont we have it. We want a BMW Convertible, we want a 3000 sq ft house on 1 acre of land close to the golf course, we want money.
Okay so what do we need to change to get them?
Two things.
We need to get focused, and we need to have the belief that we will get them. We need to get really, really clear on what we want; we need to clarify what we desire then set the intention of how we would feel and what we would experience when weve achieved what we want.
It is wise to remember that anything we want should resonate with our true values of who we are. This makes it so much easier to attract.
Why do we need to struggle if we can make it effortless?
How can we figure out what we want?
There are a few ways that we can use that will allow us to get clear on what we DONT want and therefore by contrast, by turning this around we can clearly see what we DO want!
(b) The prosperity mindset is what we desire to overcome the fear and the conditioning that are deeply embedded into our subconscious.
There are many programs and processes out there that can make us shift from that state of scarcity to a prosperity consciousness. We are in scarcity when we know how much we DONT have; were in scarcity when we know what we DIDNT do todaywere in scarcity and lack when we think not enough
To get started now, there is a very powerful tool that you can use to increase the prosperity awareness in your life. Its called the Prosperity Journal or a Grateful journal. Being grateful is a very dominant emotion that allows us to feel at one with the Universe and enables our desires to flow to us effortlessly.
If you dont have or use a Prosperity Journal, start one today!
(c) We all need a Clear Plan of action; we need to set our rudder on course and focus on our destination ~ our vision.
Many of us in attempting to achieve our goals tend to get side-tracked. (I know I have!)
Not that were not serious or focused on what we want…but, you know how life is, dont you?
Creating a powerful living vision as well as SMART goals to support this vision will propel you forward towards your desire for prosperity faster than anything I know.
(d) Use the Laws of the Universe to make it easier! If youre tired of the struggle and want to make your prosperity come to you effortlessly, heres a secret that few people know about. It like a short cut! Its like a school crossing guard that helps children across the street!
The Law of Attraction can orchestrate everything you need to be, do and have in order for You to attract your desires.easily!
Think of it. When the children see the crossing-guard they feel safe and happy and know that all is well. When we use the Laws of the Universe to our benefit, all is taken care of. Our desires come to us exactly as we want, sometimes even better!
(e) Support and Accountability- of course YOU can do it on your own- you can attract greater prosperity, wealth, success, money, happinessbut how long will it take you? How difficult will it be for you to obtain all youve ever desired?
In many situations in order for us to achieve what we truly wish for, there is often some confusion and conflict. Why does this happen to us? Its called Internal Resistance.
When that point of Internal Resistance is reached, we unconsciously tend to sabotage our early success and stop ourselves in our tracks from achieving more of what we desire. In short you are stuck!
“I can’t do this”.
“I’m not going to earn any more than this no matter how hard I work”.
“This will never happen”.
“I’m not yet ready for this”.
It is these Resistance thoughts that stop us from doing what we want and can often show up as procrastination or fear.
With a support partner or a life coach, you can overcome this fear, end procrastination and get moving towards the life of your dreams.
Wouldnt you like to walk your talk and live your dreams? Finally?
The reason many of us dont attract the prosperity we all desire is because were stuck. The reason were stuck is because were afraid to hire a coach.
Hiring a coach is simple. The 1st step to hiring a coach is finding one that resonates with youone that you have heard on a teleclass, a CD, a radio interview. One whose articles youve read and in short, one who you like.
That coach needs to offer conditional consultations instead of free consultations otherwise that coach is going to want to sell you coaching rather than YOU deciding for yourself if you want to pursue coaching.
Hopefully youve gotten some ideas on how to get started on attracting greater prosperity into your life.
Now go be prosperous!


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