This new HyperJuice 100W GaN charger could be the charger of your dreams

Image: Hyper

Gallium nitride chargers have been getting better fast since they first came out earlier this year — we started with 30W and 45W chargers, then small 61W bricks, then a 60W charger with two USB-C ports, and there was a small 65W charger with two USB-C ports and a USB-A port in September. But now we might have a new wall charging king, as Hyper launched a Kickstarter for the HyperJuice 100W GaN charger — which delivers the maximum amount of power that USB-C can muster under the current standard, in a package that’s about the size of a deck of cards.

Here it is, demonstrating a grand total of two USB-C ports and two USB-A ports:

It also has built-in prongs on the back that you flip out so you can plug it into an outlet. But…

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