Top 10 Best Milkshake Recipes

Is there any drink more fun and refreshing than an ice cold milkshake? I dont think so. Milkshakes are a part of American food culture and have spread all over the world. Heres my list of the best milkshake recipe you can find anywhere.

Classic Vanilla Milkshake Made with vanilla ice cream and vanilla extract. The original plain milkshake is still a crowd pleasing favorite. Adding a maraschino cherry on top makes it a little more special.

Old Fashioned Chocolate Milkshake Made with chocolate or vanilla ice cream (depends on how intense you want the chocolate flavor), milk and chocolate syrup. This is always the second most favorite milkshake flavor. Its so easy to make and delicious to drink!

I Love Strawberries Milkshake Made with strawberry ice cream, milk, fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Yum! Makes me ravenous for one just thinking about it.

Purple Cow Milkshake Made with grape juice, banana and milk. Purple cows are cool (and very rare). This milkshake is a real treat for kids and kids at heart.

Chunky Monkey Milkshake Made with vanilla ice cream, chocolate chips, banana and instant coffee. This milkshake may cause you to spontaneously get up and do the chunky monkey dance.

Cherry Vanilla Milkshake Made with vanilla ice cream, maraschino cherries, milk and chocolate syrup. A chocolate covered cherry in your glass.

Shamrock Milkshake Made with vanilla ice cream, low fat milk, mint extract and green food coloring. Pretty simple milkshake that you can enjoy at home, even though a certain well-known burger place doesnt make them any more.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Milkshake Made with creamy peanut butter, milk and chocolate syrup. A nice alternative to a peanut butter sandwich.

Caramel Latte Milkshake Made with coffee ice cream, milk and caramel syrup. Just as good or better than any drink at your local coffee or donut shop, plus, you can make this at home anytime youre in the mood to treat yourself with something extra special.

Whoppers Malt Milkshake Made with vanilla ice cream, chocolate malt syrup and whipped topping. This is the easiest way to make a milkshake that has that old fashioned malt taste.


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