Why It’s Vital To Discipline, Even As A Gentle Parent

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Discipline is sometimes seen as a dirty word – I think we all remember being disciplined as children. Perhaps we resented it at the time or recognise in hindsight that we were treated unfairly. But when I talk about discipline, I don’t mean being yelled at. I don’t mean smacking or being sent to your room. I don’t even mean punishments. Because the word “discipline” actually comes from the word for “disciple”. Knowing this gives me a different perspective on discipline – I’m now thinking about developing them, nurturing them, guiding them. Children need discipline Children come to us blank. They don’t know what is right and wrong. They don’t realise that playing with the plug socket is dangerous, or that biting someone hurts. Some people imply that babies and toddlers manipulate us, but I don’t buy into any of…

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