Yes, The Sonic Movie Redesign Was Led By Sonic Mania Animator Tyson Hesse

The fans were right.

The revised design of Sonic the Hedgehog in Paramount’s upcoming movie has been revealed, and it’s been widely praised as a huge, massive, incalculable improvement on the character seen in the original trailer. Following the debacle surrounding the initial reveal (Sonicgate? Hedgehogate? It’s always a -gate), it was rumoured that Tyson Hesse, Sonic-fan extraordinaire and animator of the excellent Sonic Mania intro movie and accompanying shorts, was involved in the emergency redesign of the fastest thing alive.

The original tweet revealing the revised Valentine’s Day 2020 release date featured an image which eagle-eyed fans deduced might be the handiwork of the talented animator. Hesse fanned the flames by posting an image of Tony Stark from the original Iron Man film moments before (SPOILERS!) he reveals himself to be the titular hero at the end of the movie.

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