Yotam Ottolenghi’s spicy fish recipes

Tomatoes add an earthiness to these recipes for prawns and polenta, rainbow trout in tamarind sauce, and fish meatballs with ancho chilli

A piece of freshly cooked fish without a squeeze of lemon is a serious crime against the laws of cooking. Well, at least in my book. The freshness and vibrant acidity simply lift the tender, white flesh into a punchier domain and distil its flavour.

Tomatoes, with a sweeter and milder kind of acidity, can do something similar. Yet they also bring an earthiness with them, an echo of the flavour of the soil. This is why tomato sauces – a whole range of them, varying from each other immensely depending on where in the world they are cooked – work so well with fish. They seem to marry the essences of the land and sea into something new and wholly delicious, highlighted by a hit of much-needed acidity.

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